The Journal of Kinesiology & Wellness (JKW) is a peer-reviewed online journal that covers issues in physical activity, health, wellness, and sport. JKW is a publication of the Western Society for Kinesiology and Wellness (WSKW) and is published bi-annually.  The first JKW Edition is released in January and includes invited John Massengale Papers.  The John Massengale Paper is an invitation-only paper authored by a prominent scholar.  This edition also consists of scholarly papers based on original research (experimental, descriptive, historical, or philosophical) and the WSKW Chronicles.  The WSKW Chronicles include post-conference proceedings such as conference abstracts.

The second JKW Edition, which is a Special Student Edition, will be released in July 2020 (the inaugural edition) and is reserved for scholarly papers based on original research (experimental, descriptive, historical, or philosophical) in which a student (undergraduate, or graduate) is the lead author.

ISSN: 2332-4503

Jeff Bernard, Ph.D.
JKW Editor (2018-21) - California State University, Stanislaus
I am Jeff Bernard, the current editor-in-chief for the Journal of Kinesiology & Wellness. Please, feel free to contact me should you have any questions regarding manuscript submissions.
Seung Ho Chang, Ph.D.
JKW Editorial Board Member (2019-2021) - San Jose State University

Dr. Ho Chang Seung is currently teaching at San José State University.

Min Kim, Ph.D.
JKW Editorial Board Member (2019-2022) - Sam Houston State University

Dr. Kim is currently teaching at Sam Houston State University.

Laura Robinson-Doyle, MS
JKW Editorial Board Member (2019-2021) - Southern Methodist University

Laura Robinson-Doyle is currently teaching at Southern Methodist University.

Heather Van Mullem, Ph.D.
JKW Editorial Board Member (2019-2022) - Lewis-Clark State College

Dr. Van Mullem is currently teaching at Lewis-Clark State College.

Ovande Furtado, Jr., Ph.D.
JKW Associate Editor (2020-2023)

Dr. Furtado is currently teaching at California State University, Northridge.

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