October 8th - 9th, 2020
Virtual Conference
Theme: Dynamic Instructional Strategies for Kinesiology
Deadline for all submissions: is July 1, 2020
International and U. S. faculty & students from all Kinesiology and Health-Related disciplines welcome!
Submitting a Proposal

WSKW has a long-standing tradition of providing a forum specifically designed for students – the R. D. Peavy Papers.

In one of three categories, students can submit proposals to do a poster presentation that

  1. is a critique of one research article on a topic in our field (ideal for undergrads),
  2. presents a review of literature in a topic area (a bit more challenging) or
  3. presents findings from original work (particularly appropriate for masters and Ph.D. students).
[note]For original research, students with particularly strong proposals may be invited to do an oral presentation. [/note]

Recommended steps:

  1. Review the guidelines below for the type of presentation you would like to do.
  2. Discuss your plans with a faculty member at your campus to gather advice/input.
  3. Write your proposal in accordance with the proposal instructions below for the type of presentation you are planning. Be sure to review the evaluation guide so you know what criteria will be used in the review process.
  4. If you have co-authors, be sure they have reviewed/approved the proposal before you submit it.

Submit proposals by clicking here.

[note]Presenters who decide to withdraw or are unable to attend must contact the conference coordinator no later than a week in advance of the conference.  Failure to do so may result in not being invited to present at future conferences.[/note]
  • Abstract Guidelines [Download]
    • Research Critiques
    • Literature Reviews
    • Original Research
    • Original Projects
  • Poster Guidelines [Download]
    • Research Critiques
    • Literature Reviews
    • Original Research
    • Original Projects
  • Rubrics [Download]
    • Research Critiques
    • Literature Reviews
    • Original Research
    • Original Projects
Resources & Awards


Your very best resource as you prepare your proposal will be found among the faculty at your institution. Ask them for a review of your proposal and use their feedback to strengthen your work before submitting it for review.

Poster Templates: On the WWW, you can find many sites that provide free templates for creating your poster. Here are just a few:

Link 1: https://goo.gl/XHuvBf
Link 2: https://goo.gl/zv45Su
Link 3: https://goo.gl/WlBH9M


In each category, an award is given recognizing particularly good work.

On-site, evaluators will review your work and subsequently select presentations for recognition.

Q & A
[swm_toggle_accordion_container] [swm_toggle_accordion title=”Do proposals have to be tied to the conference theme?” icon_name=”fa-question-circle”] [p]No. While we are certainly seeking theme-related presentations, WSKW has always provided a venue for a broad range of topics to be presented.[/p] [/swm_toggle_accordion] [swm_toggle_accordion title=”When will we hear back regarding acceptance of proposals?” icon_name=”fa-question-circle”] [p]We plan to do our best to get word back by July 15th to those who submit proposals.[/p] [/swm_toggle_accordion] [/swm_toggle_accordion_container]