October, 2021
October (6th-8th) 2021 WSKW Conference
CSU East Bay Conference Center (Oakland, CA)
International and U. S. faculty & students from all Kinesiology and Health-Related disciplines welcome!
Theme: Power Up, Leading Through the Challenges
Deadline for all submissions: June 15, 2021

Submitting a Proposal

Faculty Proposal Submission

Submissions are done online. Click on the button below to submit your contact information and a 250-word abstract of your proposed presentation.

Please do not use this link for young scholar award papers – see young scholar information further down the page. If you have any questions, contact our conference coordinator.
Presenters who decide to withdraw or are unable to attend must contact the conference coordinator no later than a week in advance of the conference.  Failure to do so may result in not being invited to present at future conferences

Session Types

    1. Lecture-Style – 20 or 50 minutes
    2. Poster Presentation (50-minute session); for original research. Links to free poster templates:
      1. Link 1: https://goo.gl/XHuvBf
      2. Link 2: https://goo.gl/zv45Su
      3. Link 3: https://goo.gl/WlBH9M
    3. Round Table Discussion (or panel) for a facilitated discussion of an issue – 20 or 50 minutes

Young Scholar Award

Young Scholar Award Submission

A call for papers from young scholars is made annually by WSKW. Submitted papers (5-7 pages) are reviewed and award winners are selected. The paper can be issue-based (e.g., white paper) or original research. Time is allotted during the conference for selected young scholars to present their papers. Please use the link above to submit (by July 1st) your contact information, paper (one document in pdf format), and an abridged Curriculum Vitae (maximum 3 pages) in PDF format that highlights your research, teaching, and service activities.

Evaluation of the Young Scholar Papers is based upon scholarly content, organization, and pertinence to the profession.

  • Manuscript guidelines
    Required: Follow the current edition of APA manual. Any papers not in APA will be returned to the author with a deadline for resubmission in APA format if they choose.
  • The paper should be 5-7 pages in length excluding the title page, abstract and references. Contents: Cover page, Abstract (250 words max), Paper, References. Figures and/or graphs should appear in the body of the paper.
  • The Title Page includes: (1) Title of paper, (2) Name of Author, (3) Author affiliation, (4) Date of submission, Author contact information (Name, address, phone, e-mail), and (5) Statement that indicates the research is original, the paper has not been published elsewhere (published abstracts are excluded), and the author is a non-tenured faculty member at the stated institution.

Order and Headings for Data-driven Manuscript: Title page, Abstract page, and manuscript: (a) Introduction, (b) Methodology, (c) Results, (d) Conclusions/Implications, (e) References.

Order and Headings for Non-Data-driven Manuscript: Title page, Abstract page, and manuscript: (a) Introduction, (b) Relevant headings that reflect the paper, (c) Conclusions/Implications, (d) References

Check here for additional information about the Art Broten Young Scholar Award.

To nominate a colleague for the young scholar Award, send the information below to our conference coordinator. The coordinator will contact the person you nominate and invite them to submit a paper for award consideration.

Name of the faculty member you are nominating:
College/University the nominee is from:
Nominee’s area of expertise:
E-mail address for the nominee:

Questions? Contact our Young Scholar Award coordinator


Do proposals have to be tied to the conference theme?

No. While we are certainly seeking theme-related presentations, WSKW has always provided a venue for faculty from all disciplines to present their work. Conference attendees then have the opportunity to broaden their understanding of issues beyond their own specific area of expertise.

When will we hear back regarding the acceptance of proposals?

We plan to do our best to get word back by July 15th to those who submit proposals.

What is the connection between the Young Scholar Award and Publishing in the Journal of Kinesiology & Wellness?

Faculty selected to receive the young scholar award are invited to submit the paper they presented for review. The process is as follows:

  1. After young scholar awardees present at the conference, the journal editor contacts each and invites them to submit their paper (or an expanded version) for review.
  2. Young scholar awardees then either submit a paper or decline the invitation to submit a paper.
  3. If a young scholar awardee submits a paper then it gets reviewed like any other submission and the editor, following review of the paper can accept, accept with revisions, or reject.
What are hot topics?

A hot topic is a tag attached to a presentation. It can be discipline-specific or related to the conference theme. Each discipline has issues that emerge and recede over time. If your work is related to a current hot topic in your field or is a theme-related hot topic, be sure to note that when you fill out the online submission form.