Donations – Honor a Mentor; Recognize a Scholar

When you make a gift to honor a mentor or recognize a scholar, your donation will help the Western Society for Kinesiology and Wellness (WSKW) organization with their continued/ongoing efforts to support faculty and students through awards given at our annual conference. In addition, it will help advance our commitment to providing broadly inclusive opportunities for personal and professional development for faculty and students in Kinesiology and related disciplines.

Please use this link to provide us with information about your donation:

Donation Form

To make a donation through PayPal please use the link below.

You can also mail a check to our Treasurer:

Dr. Seung Ho Chang
San Jose State University; Dept. of Kinesiology
1 Washington Square
San Jose, CA 95192-0054

Note: We do not collect sensitive information (such as credit card data). When you donate online via PayPal, the transaction is done entirely through PayPal’s site, not through our site. Please, refer to PayPal’s privacy policy for more information.