Past Recipients

Young Scholar Award

The Young Scholars Recognition Award program was established by the Western College Physical Education Society in 1987 to encourage the involvement of younger college and university physical educators in WCPES (now WSKW). In 1989, the program was renamed the Dr. G. Arthur Broten Young Scholars Recognition Award to honor Professor Emeritus Broten from the Department of Physical Education, University of Nevada, Reno. One of Dr. Broten’s career ambitions was to motivate young people to flourish in a growing profession. The opportunity for young professional educators to present paper at a nationally recognized regional conference significantly promotes this goal.

A call for nominations and papers from young scholars is made annually by WSKW. Submitted papers are reviewed and award winners (up to two) are selected. Time is allotted during the annual WSKW conference for young scholars to present their papers.

WSKW Recognition Awards

Faculty Presentations: Poster & Oral Sessions
Peavy Papers: Student Presentations
Matt Silvers Award for outstanding research critique – Student research critique poster
Robert Carlson Award for outstanding review of literature – Student literature review poster
Lawrence Bruya Original Research Poster Award – Student original research poster
Outstanding Original Research Presentation Award – Student Oral Presentation

E.C. Davis Lecturer Recognition

A speaker is selected each year whose experiences and accomplishments represent outstanding contributions to the Profession.

Bootster Award

A unique WSKW tradition! This award is given to the college/university with the most faculty attending the conference.