Perceptions of students on college self-defense education

  • Gong Chen San Jose State University
  • Liu Liu Shenyang Sport University


This research was designed to study perceptions of students on their self-defense education in university self-defense classes. Serial surveys were conducted in one university’s self-defense class to examine student perceptions on (a) mental self-defense from nine perspectives, (b) physical self-defense from nine perspectives, (c) overall experience of learning self-defense after one semester from eight perspectives, and (d) changes in self-confidence on personal self-defense ability and benefits of taking self-defense classes. The results indicated that college self-defense education benefits college students in terms of mental self-defense, physical self-defense, self-confidence, and safe lifestyle. The results of the study provided feedback from students on class content and effectiveness of teaching and learning based on hands-on experience at the conclusion of the course. Student perceptions can help self-defense instructors better understand the needs of students in self-defense education and improve self-defense curriculum and teaching effectiveness.

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